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I'm a old school new age wedding photographer sharing my insights and outsights of weddings I shoot and my eye of the world we live in! I believe in lots of things including love. The joy of life and celebrations. I strive to document your wedding in a interesting introspect as I partake your festivities.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Our Last post here!

Hi Everyone! We have finally migrated our blog and website as one to better integrate our work and refresh our company's new look!

Please view our main site for new exciting posts and updates!

Thank You for sharing your views and lives with us!

With warmest regards

Friday, 8 April 2011

A little picnic

We are loved! That the most important aspect when we work with our clients, the real stars of 9Frames. I think to using lots of stuff that personifies you guys as a couple is a great facet to showcase your love for each other. Thank you for working with us Gilston & Weiting, even though the rain came and go and come uninvited again no less, its the spirit of going to get it done that makes our day so memorable. We are so excited to shoot your wedding! See you soon!

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Jaclyn & Danilo @ Sentosa

I would always remember your wedding by the "Passionate Italian" Danilo! Although we have never met before your wedding, your eyes shows me the deep passion you have for Jaclyn, who never fails to give me the sunny warm smile to light up the darkest days! Orange is one of the colour themes that the couple used, pretty interesting as it happens to be my favourite as well!
This wedding was held in Amara Sanctuary Resort and it we had great company, which is very important for any wedding! I have known Jaclyn though a old friend many years ago and I can feel she is really blessed to found a soul mate in life, I wished both of you great bliss and hope to see you guys one day when we visit HK, thanks once again for allow us the honour to capture your wedding!

Monday, 14 March 2011

going for reservist

Hey all, its a ritual for most men in Singapore, i be serving my national reservist from Today 14 march to this coming Friday 18th March (shortest one ever) and will be a little harder to get me, please leave your names while sms-ing us to allow us to identify you, thanks and have a great week ahead!

Friday, 11 March 2011

Laura & Raymond at Halia Villa

Thank you Raymond & Laura! We all fit like missing pieces to a puzzle as we are all designers. As designers we can communicate our craft visually and appeal to each other. Thanks Lois and Clarice for introducing us to this lovely couple.  Laura, you made a deep impression for me with your awesome choice of a Dries Van Noten footware, soft spot for horses and a very down to earth personality! Ditto to Raymond, which I can relate to many levels, as designers we work very long hours to fine-tune our craft. This was a lovely gathering of international friends and family and there are so many people that I can related to in so many levels! I spotted the Martin Margiela wearer as well, like the personality goes, its the details that makes the work!